Radioactive Waste, Transport and Environment Safety Division (WTES)

The WTES is responsible for ensuring that the management of radioactive waste, natural occurring radioactive materials (NORM), transport of radioactive materials and activities that have potential environmental consequences or contamination comply with the requirements of the Act, NiBIRR, Nigerian Radioactive Waste management Regulations 2006, Nigerian Radiation Safety in NORM Management Regulations 2008 and other relevant national and international safety standards. The Division is divided into three (3) Units comprising of Radioactive Waste Safety, Environment Safety and Transport Safety Divisions. The activities of the Division include the following:

  • Regulatory oversight of Radioactive Waste, orphan and legacy sources management or storage facilities
  • Regulatory inspection of facilities having roles in the transport of radioactive materials
  • Pre-shipment inspection of radioactive packages for transportation
  • Control of safe management of Natural Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM)
  • Establishing and maintaining national radioactive waste registry
  • Development and review of relevant regulations and guides
  • Review and Assessment of documents and safety reports from operators and inspection of the facilities and activities under this division.

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