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The category of resources holds a catalogue of NNRA Library collections with abstracts which include IAEA books, journals, standards, and technical reports.

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Books on Emergency Preparedness, Response and safeguard

  • 0000102 - 0000104     National Disaster Response Plan, NEMA, (2001).
    This response plan sets forth fundamental policies, planning assumptions, a concept of operations, response and recovery actions and federal agency and private sector responsibilities, describes the array of federal response, recovery and mitigation resources available to augment state and local efforts to save lives: protect public health safety and property. (3)
  • 0000105 – 0000106     Preparation, Conduct and Evaluation of Exercises to Test Preparedness for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency, (EPR Exercise), IAEA, Vienna (2005).
    * Focus on the process involved in preparing and controlling a large –scale exercise, i.e. a partial or full –scale exercise combined with a field exercise. In small scale exercises the process is conceptually the same, but the level of effort and the time required to prepare the exercise are reduced and some parts of the process may not be required.(2)
  • 0000122 Concept for enhanced International Communications for Nuclear and Radiological incidents and Emergencies – Action plan for strengthening the preparedness and response system for nuclear and radiological emergencies, Draft v3.0, IAEA, Vienna (2004).
    * This concept addresses what, when, why, to whom and how to communicate during a nuclear or radiological emergency. It also addresses the implementation strategy for the next five years, including priorities, based on needs analysis, and taking into account of existing systems.
  • 0000124 Manual for First Responders to a Radiological Emergency/jointly sponsored by CTIF, IAEA, [et, al] IAEA, Vienna 2006.
    * Since there is need for first responders to have appropriate training for dealing with ionizing radiation during nuclear and radiological emergencies this publication provides practical guidance for those who will respond during the first few hours to a radiological emergency and for national officials who would support this early response.
  • 0000128 Emergency Notifications and Assistance, Technical Operations Manual, IAEA, Vienna (2004)
    * The ENATOM describes in a practical manner the IAEA’s expectations regarding interactions between the IAEA’s Member States, parties to the Early Notifications and Assistance Conventions, relevant International Organizations and other States in nuclear and radiological emergencies and in developing preparedness for such emergencies.

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